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FOR SALE NOW! Chips & Beer Mag #8

The boys are back on the saddle again. The ‘Nam ish. Featuring among others: John Christ of Danzig, Wayne Kramer of MC5, Gerry Lopez of film and surfing, Phil Rudd of AC/DC, Alan Howarth, Dead Congregation, Ripper (Chile), Impetigo, Beyond and other supporting cast. Also learn about Knives, Chinese Horror & Monsters, 'Nam flicks, Metal, tactics and more. 128 pages of bad taste and hurt feelings. Yours. Too Boo Koo.

Buy: http://www.20buckspinshop.com/products/chips-beer-the-magazine-8

Wholesale (5 copies) http://www.20buckspinshop.com/products/chips-beer-the-magazine-8-5-copies

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